• Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Princeton City School District.

    vin88 chơi trò chơiThere are many ways to become involved!

    If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom or as part of an after-school activity, please contact the school in which you wish to volunteer.

    The Princeton administration and staff continually seek out volunteers, either individuals or groups, to support initiatives in the classrooms and for programs offered at the school level.

    Volunteers will need to complete a volunteer form, and may need a background check and fingerprinting depending on the level of volunteering you wish to do.

    All forms and policies are located in the left sidebar of this website page.



    Phone Number

    vin88 chơi trò chơiEvendale Elementary

    Joycelyn Senter


    Glendale Elementary

    Tracy Jennings


    vin88 chơi trò chơiHeritage Hill Elementary

    Shari Hoskins


    Lincoln Heights Elementary

    Dawn Bailey

    vin88 chơi trò chơi513-864-2400

    Sharonville Elementary

    Kasi Jordan


    Springdale Elementary

    Lisa Tenbarge


    vin88 chơi trò chơiStewart Elementary

    Ron Fausnaught


    vin88 chơi trò chơiWoodlawn Elementary

    Sherry Thompson


    Princeton Community Middle School

    Dave Mackzum

    vin88 chơi trò chơi513-864-2000

    Princeton High School

    Ron Bollmer

    vin88 chơi trò chơi513-864-1500

    vin88 chơi trò chơiPrinceton Innovation Center

    Chuck Soule